Image Converter Command Line is a professional converter for graphic files, photos, drafts, finance documents and other images of any type.

Up-to-date technology makes it possible to create a powerful converter ideal for image processing tasks.

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-convertto key is used to adjust settings of the output format. The general appearance of the key is as follows:

-convertto [Format] [Parameter 1]:[Value 1]…[Parameter N]:[Value N]

Format - short name of the output format. Its allowed values are: bmp, dds, eps, exr, gif, jpg, mng, pdf, png, psd, tga, tiff.

Parameter - name of the output format parameter. Can accept a large variety of values. Each format has its own, sometimes unique, parameters. To get more information, refer to the section describing the format of interest.

Value - value of the output format parameter. Can accept various values depending on the specified parameter name and selected output format. To get more information, refer to the section describing the format of interest.

general example

ICPCL.exe -source "C:\Original files" -dest "C:\Converted files" -convertto bmp bpp:24 rows:bottom_top quant:8 dither:no


  1. Be careful when specifying parameter names and their values. Correct names can be found in the special section of the site.
  2. We are constantly improving the program, so the list of available formats and their parameters is enhanced from time to time.
  3. All output format parameters are specified in scripts. So, if you use scripts, you should use -convertto key only if you want to change a parameter value:


    ICPCL.exe -source "C:\Original files" -dest "C:\Converted files" -script "tobmp.icp" -convertto bmp rows:top_bottom
  4. Default parameter values are optimal for each format and should be changed only if changes are really necessary.





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The company is happy to inform our customers about the fact that a new image conversion management tool, ImageConverter Plus Scheduler, is under private testing now.