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Adobe Encapsulated PostScript (EPS)

EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) vector format is a version of PostScript-file. It is developed by Adobe Systems company as a universal format for digital imaging and polygraphy. Such files store two versions of images: the main version is a vector image itself saved as a description in PostScript language, the additional version is a pixel-based image with reduced resolution used for preview purposes. Settings of this format can be adjusted with the help of the following parameters.


Bpp parameter specifies the number of bits used to transfer one pixel color. Its allowed values are:

The default value is: 24.


-convertto eps bpp:8


Thumbnail parameter specifies whether thumbnails should be created. Thumbnails are used to quickly preview images in browsers and graphics viewers. Its allowed values are:

The default value is: No.


-convertto eps thumbnail:Yes

general example

ICPCL.exe -convertto eps bpp:8 thumbnail:Yes -source "C:\Original files" -dest "C:\Converted files"

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Information for solution suppliers and system integrators

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