Image Converter Command Line is a professional converter for graphic files, photos, drafts, finance documents and other images of any type.

Up-to-date technology makes it possible to create a powerful converter ideal for image processing tasks.

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Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)

GIF file format is used to hold and transfer images in index color mode (not more than 256). Settings of this format are adjusted with the help of the following parameters:


Colors parameter specifies the number of colors in the resulting file. Its allowed walues are whole numbers from 2 to 256.

The default value is: 255.


-convertto gif colors:128


Quant parameter reduces the number of distinct colors used in an image while preserving visual image quality. The allowed values of Quantization parameter are whole numbers from 0 to 8. The default value is: 8.


-convertto gif quant:4


Dither is a form of noise, or 'erroneous' signal or data which is added to sample data to minimize quantization error. The allowed values of dither parameter are : yes and no.

The default value is: yes.


-convertto gif dither:no


Multipage parameter specifies the way of saving output images: as single files or one multipage file. Its allowed values are:

The default value is: as_is.


-convertto gif multipage:separate_pages


Interlace parameter activates or deactivates interlacing of output files. Its allowed values are:

The default value is: no.


-convertto gif interlace:yes


Opt_lossless parameter activates/deactivates lossless image optimizing. Its allowed values are:

The default value is: no.


-convertto gif opt_lossless:yes

general example

ICPCL.exe -convertto gif colors:128 quant:4 dither:no multipage:append interlace:yes opt_lossless:yes -source "C:\Original files" -dest "C:\Converted files"


  1. When creating multipage files, the order of their pages is specified by the order of converted images (that is, the way they are sorted with the help of -sort key).

  2. If interlace parameter is activated, output files are created as follows: rows # 1, 5, 10 etc. are written first, rows # 2, 6, 11 etc. are written next, etc. This results in small increase of the file size. The main advantage of this mode is the way such images are loaded (rows # 1, 5, 10 etc. during the first pass, rows # 2, 6, 11 etc. during the second pass). The loaded rows are stretched to fill whole image space, so that users could understand what this image is like without waiting for it to load completely. This option is mostly used on the Web.

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Information for solution suppliers and system integrators

The company is happy to inform our customers about the fact that a new image conversion management tool, ImageConverter Plus Scheduler, is under private testing now.