Image Converter Command Line is a professional converter for graphic files, photos, drafts, finance documents and other images of any type.

Up-to-date technology makes it possible to create a powerful converter ideal for image processing tasks.

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Easy procession of files in your network environment

Your local network may have many computers, and each of them can be used to process graphics files. These may be images you recieve by fax or email, scanned documents or graphics materials. Processing these files may be useful for convenient storage or transferring of these images.

The only thing you should do to solve this problem is install the server version of Image Converter Command Line on your server and create a .bat file with the needed parameters (these parameters contain information on operations you want to perform on your graphics files). When such a file is launched on your server, the program will automatically perform all operations specified in the .bat file. Once your .bat file is created, you won't have to adjust program settings any more. Just copy the needed files to the specified folder in your network environment or a local hard drive, launch the script and the program will process your images automatically.

Image Converter Command Line can also delete source files after they are processed.

Now you don't have to install image procession software on every computer. Image Converter Command Line can process all network files (provided it can get access to them).


ICPCL.exe -convertto tiff -source "\\Mike\Images\*.*" -dest "\\Mike\Images\\out" -target_opt delete_source:yes -save_opt convert_subfolders:yes restore_subfolders:yes




Convert batches of images in convenient user interface

You can test all features of Image Converter Command Line on your computer using interface to change settings.

Information for solution suppliers and system integrators

The company is happy to inform our customers about the fact that a new image conversion management tool, ImageConverter Plus Scheduler, is under private testing now.