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How to change image size and keep resolution?

Question: I need to take a 2" x 4" tiff at 200dpi and resize it to a 1" x 4" tiff at 200dpi. Using Resize to reduce by 50% would achieve the new image size, but makes the dpi 400.

Answer: Size of image 2" x 4" with resolution 200dpi is 2 * 200 x 4 * 200 = 400 x 800 pixels. You should convert this file to 1" x 4" with 200 dpi = 200 x 800 pixels. Please try this command line:
ICPCL.exe –convertto tiff –source "C:\Source Images\*.*" –dest "C:\out" dither:no -oper Resize size:50 100 units:percents keep_prop:no method: bilinear
If you want to set new resolution to converted image, please use "vdpi" and "hdpi" commands:


ICPCL.exe -convertto tiff dither:no -source "C:\Source\*.*" -dest "C:\out" -oper Resize size:50 100 units:percents keep_prop:no method: bilinear vdpi:400 hdpi:200














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