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How to convert TIFF file with Wang OldJPEG compression into standard TIFF?

Wang JPEG images encapsulated in TIFF files by Microsoft Office imaging Version 6.01 are illegally formatted in several respects. Besides, TIFF files with OldJPEG compression haven't spread widely and havent become a de facto standard. Quite few image viewers can open TIFF files of this type. So, TIFF-Wang OldJPEG and TIFF-OldJPEG are not the best format for storing graphics data.

To convert TIFF-Wang OldJPEG, TIFF-OldJPEG and TIFF-JPEG files to TIFF with common compression types:

If you do conversions often you may found it more convenient to make a conversion script as a BATCH-file.



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